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First Of Its Kind

​Your Blueprint, Your Market.

Meet Blueprint: A first of its kind all-in-one price action strategy builder that transforms your trading ideas into automated reality. Trade hands-free, command the markets to your rhythm, and sculpt a trading lifestyle that's uniquely yours. Blueprint—where your strategy takes center stage.

First of Its Kind

The Future Of Trading

Dive into the trading world with Excelsius AI. Our intuitive, AI-powered platform revolutionizes your trading experience. The new era of trading is here.

Already Seen Enough?

Step into the future. Let Excelsius AI work its magic.

​Automate Your Trading Blueprint

Imagine having a tool that lets you create your very own trading strategies effortlessly. Not just that, it's like having a time machine for trading – you can test those strategies against decades of market data. Plus, you can keep innovating, coming up with new ways to conquer the market.

And the best part? It doesn't get tired, emotional, or make mistakes like humans do. That's what Blueprint is all about: your trading ideas, automated, limitless.

Trading Made Effortless

Imagine a world where trading isn't a complex puzzle, but rather a straightforward path. That's what Blueprint brings to the table. It takes the intricate aspects of trading and simplifies them, making it accessible and, more importantly, profitable for everyone. With Blueprint, you don't need to be a trading guru to succeed. It's like having a trusted guide by your side, showing you the way to effortless trading success.

​Unlock Your Full Trading Potential With Blueprint

​Consider this – in the world of trading, you invest years in building knowledge and expertise. You're constantly learning, but that feeling lingers, the sense that you're not realizing your full potential. Why? Well, there are inherent human limitations. You can't physically be in multiple places simultaneously, can you? That's where Blueprint enters the picture, shifting the paradigm. It removes you from those constraints. With Blueprint, you have the power to exist everywhere at once, harnessing your knowledge to its absolute maximum. It's akin to having your personal trading assistant, ensuring you never overlook an opportunity and allowing you to genuinely unlock your trading potential.

​Trade On Your Terms

​With Blueprint, you're in control. Craft your unique trading journey, shape the market to your liking, and embrace a trading lifestyle that suits you. It's trading on your terms, where your strategies and preferences come first.

​Imagine LimitlessTrading Possibiliteswith Blueprint

​Automated Strategy Builder

With Blueprint, you're the architect of your trading journey. Customize the speed of market structure creation, choose your preferred market direction—whether it's buy or sell alerts—and craft your own playbook with precision. Whether it's breakout entries, pullback strategies, or your unique approach, Blueprint empowers you to shape your trading style effortlessly.

Autopilot Trading

Experience the future of trading with Blueprint's autopilot feature. It's like having your own personal trading assistant, relentlessly executing your strategies while you enjoy a hands-free trading experience. Blueprint's unique capabilities allow you to make the market work for you, maximizing your potential for profits and freeing you from the limitations of manual trading. Let Blueprint handle the heavy lifting while you reap the rewards effortlessly

Market Pulse Control

You're the conductor of market dynamics. Set your own rhythm, dictate the flow, and navigate the market at your preferred speed. Whether you're looking for swift and agile moves or a more measured approach, Blueprint puts you in the driver's seat. Trade at your tempo, and watch as the market follows your lead, unlocking a world of trading possibilities tailored to your style.

Multi-Timeframe Direction

You're in the driver's seat with the market's movements, not the other way around. Blueprint allows you to mold the direction of any timeframe to match your trading strategies. Whether it's the Monthly chart signaling a bullish trend or the Daily chart pointing bearish, you have the authority to tailor each timeframe's direction to your advantage. It's like having a toolkit that lets you fine-tune the market's pulse to align perfectly with your trading goals. With Multi-Timeframe Direction Control, you're not at the mercy of market fluctuations; instead, you take the reins and steer your trades towards your goals.

Entry Point Customization

Unparalleled control over your trading journey. Choose from a multitude of entry points, including breakouts, pullbacks, bottoms, tops, retests and more. What sets Blueprint apart is the ability to tailor your strategies to perfection, allowing you to choose your preferred breakout type, whether it's a wick or candle close, and precisely define the timeframe for these strategic maneuvers. With Blueprint, your trading approach becomes a personalized masterpiece, ensuring you maintain complete command over your trading.

Exit Point Customization

Blueprint offers you unmatched control over your trading journey. Choose from a multitude of exit points, including take profits and stop losses tailored to your preferences. What truly distinguishes Blueprint is the power to fine-tune your exit tactics to perfection. You can select from various take profit and stop loss tactics, whether aggressive or conservative, and pick between pips/points, tkey level imeframes, or fixed risk to reward goals. With Blueprint, your exit strategies become a personalized masterpiece.

Strategy Optimizers

Fine-tune your trading approach with Blueprint's Strategy Optimizers, the ultimate bells and whistles for your trading strategies. Gain precise control over risk-to-reward ratios and trading volumes, allowing you to craft strategies that align perfectly with your goals. With Strategy Optimizers, you have the power to customize your trading strategy down to the smallest detail, ensuring that your approach is tailored to perfection.

Strategy Tester

Step into the past and test your strategies against decades of historical market data. Witness how your trading approaches would have performed in various market conditions, refine them, and gain priceless insights to shape your future trading success. It's your opportunity to perfect your strategies by learning from the past and, most importantly, protect yourself by knowing the results before entering the live markets.

Choose YourTrading Journey

Excelsius AI: Blueprint

Transform your trading ideas into automated reality with Excelsius AI: Blueprint.

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The Playbook

Pre-built Trading Success. Unlock curated strategies for peak trading performance.

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Excelsius AI

Excelsius AI is an all-in-one price action toolkit, built by traders for traders. Supercharge your trading with Excelsius AI's state of the art features.

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