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Excelsius AI is an all-in-one price action toolkit, built by traders for traders. Supercharge your trading with Excelsius AI's state of the art features.

First of Its Kind.

The Future Of Trading

Dive into the trading world with Excelsius AI. Our intuitive, AI-powered platform revolutionizes your trading experience. The new era of trading is here.

Already Seen Enough?

Step into the future. Let Excelsius AI work its magic.

​Automated Analysis

Gain instant automated insights into the market. Automated analysis saves time, empowering you to focus on strategic trading decisions while filtering out distractions and market noise. 


Goodbye manual analysis. Hello Excelsius.

Enhanced Trading

Excelsius elevates traders to new levels of awareness and precision, offering heightened insights and clarity in every market move. Its advanced AI technology ensures you're always a step ahead in the trading world.

Doesn't Sleep

​An extra layer of security that keeps you informed 24/7. Excelsius AI acts as your second pair of eyes and ears in the market. Our automated alert system keeps a watchful eye on market developments and trade opportunities. Create your own timely notifications tailored to your specific needs.

Automated & Optimized Signals

Versatile Signals designed to act as alerts for potential opportunities in the market. Excelsius AI offers four different types of signals to help traders make more informed decisions - Buy signals, Sell signals, Strong Buy signals, and Strong Sell signals. Strong Buy and Strong Sell signals are visually differentiated with distinct candle colors for easy identification on the chart. duration of signals may vary depending on the selected timeframe. Dynamically select the duration of signals. Higher timeframes may result in longer-lasting signals, while lower timeframes may result in shorter-duration signals. Customize Signal Frequency: The take profit toggle allows you to adjust the frequency of signals on your chart. As you increase the take profit, signals will appear less frequently, and as you decrease the take profit, signals will appear more frequently. This feature allows you to tailor the indicator to your individual trading style and needs. Type Of Signals: Toggle between five main types of Signals, from Strong Buy and Sell Signals, to Buy and Sell Signals, to All. Excelsius Signals are best used in conjunction with other Excelsius AI tools for a comprehensive analysis of the market.

Multi-Timeframe Key Levels & Labels

Dynamic Key Levels and Labels provide traders with real-time analysis of the market's key and sensitive levels, acting as dynamic support and resistance levels. Multi-Timeframe Key Levels and Labels: Key Levels and Labels are multi-timeframe and can be sourced from a singular timeframe. Custom Level Color & Labels: Inside the configuration, traders have the ability to customize the color of the levels and labels, as well as the style, with three main options: solid, dashed, and dotted.

State Of TheArt Features

Don't Take Our Word, Take Theirs.

Stories of transformed trading journeys, and newfound confidence.

Next Gen Trading

Supply & Demand Zones

Identify key zones where the market is likely to experience buying or selling pressure. Excelsius AI provides two types of identification of key zones, Rejection Zones and Supply & Demand Zones. Rejection Zones: When selected, upper and lower zones will be shown. These zones allow traders to identify potential highs and lows in the market, whether it is trending or ranging. Additionally, Rejection Zones are designed to help traders catch market reversals and understand when the market may be slowing down or reaching exhaustion. Multi-Timeframe Rejection Zones: Source any Rejection Zone from any timeframe from a singular timeframe. Supply & Demand Zones: Supply and Demand Zones identify key zones where the market is likely to experience buying or selling pressure. Similar to the Rejection Zones, these zones are plotted on the chart and can be used as potential entry or exit points. However, instead of focusing on price levels where the market has been rejected in the past, Supply and Demand Zones look for areas where there is a significant concentration of buyers or sellers. By identifying these zones, traders can gain a better understanding of the market's underlying supply and demand dynamics and make more informed trading decisions.

Trend Identifier

Identify the direction of the market with ease. The candles on the chart transform to reflect the direction of the market, providing real-time analysis and allowing you to identify potential opportunities. Multi-Timeframe Trend Identifier: Source any Trend Identifier from any timeframe from a singular timeframe. Clear Direction Changes and Continuation with Trend Identifier: The Trend Identifier highlights a specific candle color to indicate the exact change or continuation in direction of the trend. Quickly identify the trend with a vibrant buying or selling color. In addition, the following candles are shown in a less transparent color to give an indication of the change or continuation in color and to provide further clarity on the direction of the trend. Breakout Candle Highlighter With the Breakout Candle Highlighter feature: Identify the change in or continuation of the trend by selecting the Trend Identifier. This feature makes all the other candles go dark, except for the breakout candles that show the direction of the trend.

Legendary Community

Together, we challenge the status quo. Our thriving trading community is the catalyst for your exponential growth. Engage with like-minded individuals, share knowledge, and amplify your trading journey towards unrivaled success. Be a pioneer, be a boundary breaker, be a legend.

Automated Alerts

Set Excelsius on autopilot, alerting you on potential market opportunities, to new market points, breaks in market points, and changes in market direction. Excelsius AI offers an automated and optimized alert system that allows traders to set alerts for ongoing market developments and trade opportunities. The alerts can be customized to suit your specific needs, with the ability to add triggers to a sequence of alerts that you desire. This feature allows you to set Excelsius on autopilot and have the software act as a second pair of eyes and ears, alerting you on buy and sell signals, to new market points, breaks in market points, and changes in market direction. This feature provides traders with an added level of security and helps them stay informed about market developments in real-time.

Heads-Up Display

Excelsius AI's Heads-Up Display provides a dashboard overview of the market, identifying key areas of interest for traders. Excelsius AI's Heads-Up Display provides a comprehensive overview of the market, identifying key areas of interest for traders. The Heads-Up Display includes a dashboard that displays low, medium, and high volume readings, market sentiment indications, and session reminders. Additionally, the Heads-Up Display provides a heads-up display on Rejection Zones and Signal Conditions, allowing traders to identify potential buy and sell opportunities. The Heads-Up Display also includes Key Level stats, providing the price and distance to the next level as price approaches a key level. The key levels displayed on the Heads-Up Display will also dynamically change as the multi-timeframe feature is used, allowing traders to track key levels across different timeframes. The color of the Heads-Up Display becomes more vibrant as price approaches a key level, providing a dynamic and intuitive experience for traders.


A one-stop destination for all the tools and resources you need to master the markets. Access to resources that provides you with all the information you need to be successful in live trading and insights that will give you the confidence to try new things to take your trading to the next level.

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As a member, you'll have access to exclusive 1-on-1 calls with our team of experts, who will guide you through Excelsius and answer any questions you may have.

Excelsius AI

Welcome to the vanguard of trading technology. Excelsius isn't just a platform; it's a paradigm shift. Precision-engineered for peak performance, our automated trading system ushers in a new era of financial strategy.

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