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The Playbook

S&P Stardust

Glide through the markets with the grace of S&P Stardust, a strategy as ethereal and effective as stardust itself. This 15-minute swing trading buying strategy on S&P 500 weaves through the market using a multi-timeframe directional approach, daily bullish and 15-minute bearish.

Big Leo

Embark on a majestic journey with Big Leo, a strategy as grand and commanding as the king of the jungle. This 1 Hour Silver (XAGUSD) buying strategy is a high hit rate swing trading adventure.

Wick Widow

Navigate the markets with the precision of Wick Widow, a strategy as sharp and focused as a spider's web. This one-hour buying swing trading strategy on S&P 500 uses multi-timeframe directional control, daily bullish and 15-minute bearish.

Renaissance Rally

Step into the world of Renaissance art with Renaissance Rally. This EURUSD 1-hour buying strategy is like a journey through a gallery of timeless masterpieces, each trade a brushstroke contributing to a larger, beautiful picture.

Maple Mirage

Envision yourself in a serene, autumnal forest with Maple Mirage. This strategy is like a brisk walk through a carpet of fallen leaves, looking for those golden opportunities in the market dips. It's a 30-minute EURCAD selling strategy, akin to a high-risk, high-reward adventure.

Yen Yielder

Step into the disciplined world of Yen Yielder. This 1-hour USDJPY buying strategy is like a serene journey through a Japanese Zen garden, where each step is calculated and every element has its place.


Launch into the markets with Voyager-1, a strategy as dynamic and exploratory as its namesake spacecraft. This 1-hour scalping buying strategy on NASDAQ is designed for those who thrive on swift, decisive moves.

Pound Cake

Indulge in the rich, layered experience of Pound Cake. This 4-hour GBPUSD buying strategy is as delightful as its namesake, offering a multi-timeframe approach that’s both rewarding and satisfying.

Matador Move

Step into the arena with Matador Move, a strategy as bold and tactical as its namesake. Designed for the EURJPY pair, this 15-minute timeframe buying strategy is perfect for the tactful and conservative trader.

Kiwi Canyon

Dive into the vibrant valleys of Kiwi Canyon. This 15-minute NZDUSD selling strategy is akin to navigating the dynamic landscapes of New Zealand. With a tri-fold approach using daily, 15-minute, and 5-minute timeframes, it’s like a multi-layered trek, each step offering new vistas.

Volatility Vino

Savor the bold flavors of Volatility Vino. This 15-minute GBPJPY buying strategy is like a fine wine tasting session, where each trade is a new flavor to experience.

Breakout Barista

Experience the market's dynamics with Breakout Barista, a strategy as energizing and robust as your morning coffee. This one-hour swing trading strategy specializes in buying on NASDAQ.

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