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Money Made Simple

Your gateway to effortless profits with just a few clicks.

Experience trading like never before with Myrikal. Our revolutionary Pay-As-You-Gain model means you only pay when you profit. Precise, automated signals powered by Excelsius AI, covering all markets. Your subscription cost is 100% dictated by the performance of the signals

Plug Into Profits

The Future Of Trading

It's about time for a change. Myrikal is revolutionizing the way you make money. Our AI-powered platform, Excelsius AI, brings unparalleled transparency and ease to your financial growth. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to effortless, honest earnings. The future of simple, straightforward profits is here.

Already Seen Enough?

Welcome to Myrikal. Step into the future. Let Excelsius AI work its magic.

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How It Works

Automated Trades

Effortless Profits

We send you AI driven trades that are tested and profitable. We're always checking and tweaking our strategies to ensure they keep you in the green. You get the best trades, we remove the ones that don't work. Start with 10 free trades to see the results for yourself.

Pay As You Gain

Performance Based Pricing 

With Myrikal, you only pay when you make money. If you don't profit, you don't pay. It's that straightforward. After your 10 free trades, if you're profitable, you'll continue receiving signals and start paying based on your gains. If not, we'll keep sending you signals until you are. 

Adaptive Strategies

Always Profitable

If any strategy starts to loose effectivness, we'll adjust and get you back on track. Our job is to ensure you're always making money, no matter what. We continuously refine and update our strategies to keep you in profit.


Active Strategies


Active and ever-growing. Our strategies cover Forex, indices, cryptos, commodities, equities, and precious metals. Continuously evolving to keep you ahead.

Average Profitability Rate


We have it all. Our strategies range from low-risk, high-reward trades, to high-frequency trading, to right in the sweet spot. We have something for everyone,.

Average Profit Factor


All about business. Optimization at its finest.

Average Trades Per Month


Trades galore. Plenty of opportunities to profit.

Average Trades Per Week


Constant competition. 

Average Trades Per Day


Never a dull day.

Non Stop Trading Signals

Imagine a world where trade opportunities never stop. Our Discord channel is filled with real-time, AI-driven signals, complete with entry and exit points, take profits, and stop losses. From Forex to cryptos, stocks, and commodities, you'll have access to countless channels tailored to your trading preferences. It's your all-access pass to continuous, lucrative trades.

Trading Made Easy On Discord

Everything you need is managed directly on Discord. Get instant notifications, interact with our AI, and stay updated with the latest signals. See your trading stats, control your billing, and manage your account effortlessly. Our platform is designed for simplicity and efficiency, making your trading experience smooth and seamless.

Tested and Verified

Every trade recommendation you receive is backed by rigorous historical testing. Our strategies are meticulously refined to adapt to market fluctuations, ensuring you consistently stay ahead.

Meet The Playbook

Handcrafted for excellence, curated for your success.

Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain

First 10 trades on us! No risk, only rewards. If you don't profit, you don't pay. Test our signals in a demo account and experience the game-changing power of Myrikal. What are you waiting for?

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