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Meet Excelsius. Excelsius is a cutting edge trading system fueled by algorithmic intelligence, that provides the highest quality of live trades 24/7 across all global markets, backed and verified by real live data.

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 The future is here. Excelsius simplifies the process and provides you with an automated solution to enhance your earnings and prosper.

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24/7 Automated & Optimized Signals

Receive 24/7 state of the art buy and sell signals that give you unparalleled agility regardless of the market you are trading. Never miss a trade again.

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Excelsius provides you with a full line of tools from advanced volatility measurements, market direction identifiers, dynamic support and resistance levels, detection of institutional movements, and 10+ more features designed to take your trading to new heights.

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Excelsius is backed by 19+ years of the highest quality tick data available.  Since inception, Excelsius has maintained over a 90% success rate with over 7500+ live trades sent. Leave it to Excelsius. View our like track record here.