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Automated Excellence

Excelsius AI

Where trading meets boundless horizons—Excelsius AI, the pinnacle of limitless automation.

Where Trading Meets The Future

A trading world where your trading success knows no bounds. We're not just transforming the trading game, we're redefining it.

Trading Reimagined

We're Here to Redefine Trading.


Excelsius AI takes your trading to a whole new level. Say goodbye to manual trading and say hello to hands-free trading. Welcome to the future of effortless trading, where your potential knows no bounds

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Supercharge Your Trading

The Toolkit

Automated Analysis

An all-in-one price action toolkit, built by traders for traders. Supercharge your trading with Excelsius AI's state of the art features.


Passive Income

Experience seamless passive income with Myrikal. Designed to help you make money effortlessly, Myrikal ensures you only pay when you profit.


Automated Trading

Your trading, On Autopilot. Unleash the Power of Excelsius and experience hands-free trading.

About us

We always believed that there was a better way of performing in the markets than the industry standards. A more objective, detailed oriented way where we maximize output and mitigate exposure. We earn our clients with our culture and results. We are obsessed with our craft, and our mission is to help provide a path towards financial freedom.

​Automated Mastery

Trading made effortless and endlessly innovative. A tool that lets you take control of your trading destiny, whether it's analyzing markets or executing trades, Excelsius AI does it all.

Join The World's Greatest Trading Team

Become apart of a growing community who seek an advantage and an upgrade from traditional norms.

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